Panutsang Bao Sweetened Cassava Slices

I was thinking what to do with panutsang bao. I never knew that she had her own idea. She got some cassava and cooked some sweet stuffs.

Here is the simple sweet recipe.

Panutsang bao, chopped
Cassava, sliced

1) Slice cassava and set aside. Make it thin. Thin slices absorb sugar more efficient.

cassava strips

2) Chop panutsang bao and drop in boiling water until dissolved.

chopped panutsang bao

3) Add cassava slices. Continue boiling until the syrup become sticky. Lower the flame to avoid scorching.

panutsang bao sweetened cassava slices

Look like a golden brown banana chips. It is yummy sweet but not crispy.

The recipe was contributed by Irmalyn Vicedo, my better half. Again, she failed to list measurements. How many times should I tell her to do so.

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