Frying Besuto Prawn Crackers Flavored Chips

I was hesitant to buy uncooked prawn crackers. I suffered from diarrhea the first time I did. I bought the second time because she insisted. l kept my fingers crossed and hoped the incidence would never happen again.

Here is the Besuto Prawn Crackers Flavored Chips. I cannot remember if it was the brand which caused me the uncomfortable stomach pain and loose bowel movement. I hope it was not!

besuto prawn crackers

The ingredients are fresh shrimp, salt, sugar, msg, flour, starch, natural spice and seasoning. The ingredients exceeds the ideal number 5  but still acceptable for me. The declaration “natural spice and seasoning” is a sin – guessing what are those is like shooting mosquito in the dark.

Opening the package. The unpleasant fishy smell is noticeable. They obviously never used the anti-fishy smell ginger. It was okay cause the bad smell was gone after frying.

besuto uncooked prawn crackers

Direction for Frying

1) Pour fresh cooking oil into frying pan to about 2-3 inches deep and heat at boiling point, 195 ºC (oil is hot enough, and smokes start to appear.)

2) Then, fry 8 to 10 pieces of besuto prawn crackers flavored chips until they puff up fully in about 10 seconds. Do not leave crackers for more than 10 seconds in hot oil. Serve.

Here is my own frying direction.

Place a pan with cooking oil over a low flame stove. An inch deep of cooking oil is enough. Drop a single cracker and wait until it floats. The first single chip will be the indicator of oil hotness. When it floats, remove it and begin placing raw chips. Do not place too many to avoid overcrowding. The chips are done when it puff and float. Remove from oil immediately. Place in strainer or on clean towel to drain off excess oil.

just fried prawn crackers

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