The Binatog / Bualaw na Mais

The last time I ate boiled corn on cobs, I finished about 15 pieces in a row. Then I was not able to ate dinner and my stomach felt full till morning. My stomach felt achy that whole day. I ate little rice for breakfast and lunch. Thanked God! I felt well already at dinner time.

It is very true that eating corn makes you fuller for longer periods. It gives anyone the energy to do more jobs. However, too much should not be eaten or suffer its consequence, the stomach ache or kabag.

This time I have the bualaw. I never wanted to have bloated stomach again so I got just one cup.

bualaw binatog na mais

Bualaw is also called binatog in other areas.

I am seeing some vendors selling binatog. After ordering, the vendor will pack it in cellophane. Then he will hand to customer the slimy cooked corn. The product in a cellophane plastic looks yucky. The slimy corn looks like ______ . In guess you know what I mean!

I cook my own bualaw every time I want some. Here are the steps:

1) Choose corn with the right maturity. It should never be too hard and never too soft. It should be a little tougher than corn for boiling, nilagang mais. Be sure that the kernel ca be pierced easily with bare fingers.

2) Remove the corn from cobs. Some vendors in public market are selling the so called bualawing mais, himay na mais. Choosing it will save time and effort.

3) Wash the corn kernels to remove dirt and corn hairs. Place it in cooking vessel. Add water just enough to soak all the kernels.

4) Bring to boil until the kernels pop.

5) Serve with  sugar, milk, chocolate  or any desired flavorings.

2 Replies to “The Binatog / Bualaw na Mais”

  1. Nkahanap npo b kyo ng suplliar ng binatog kung HND pa twag p kyo skin 09107043595.bgay k ng mas mbaba ksa sa kinukunan nyo.

  2. Meron po ba kayong ready made corn kernel for binatog po in rizal?needs ko po ng supplier..thank you

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