The Plain Black Cappuccino

I am drinking coffee regularly to reduce the risk of my gout occurrence. Never know it yet? Read it here. Studies found out that drinking four to five cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of gout by 40%, more than six cups by 59%. Values are tempting. By taking six cups a day, I have 59% assurance that my painful gout will never attack again.

Six cups sounds crazy. Too much of anything is bad. Too much coffee will cause me headache and sleeplessness. Three half cups should be enough for me. Besides I am also avoiding fatty food and artificial beverages as measures.

Filipino love sweets and thus sweet coffee is preferred. I also love sweet coffee but I am cutting on my sugar intake too. I drink black coffee but I find it boring sometimes. Gonna think of some trick to make it more exciting.

Tried the black cappuccino – no flavors, just coffee, water and bubbles. I placed instant coffee in tall mug. Added a small amount of cold water and whipped using the Yo yo whisk.

I felt like drinking a real cappuccino inside a popular coffee bar. The taste description is very simple – BITTER.

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