The Blue Marlin Fish Fillet

She made a fish fillet. She chose a blue marlin solely because it has few easy to remove fishbones.


1) Choose fresh blue marlin fish. Just buy a portion enough for your need.
2) Remove all the fish bones. They are relatively big and very easy to sort out.
3) Gradually add cornstarch while mashing until a clump is able to hold its shape.
4) Form a rectagular shape fillet. Like a four continious chicken nuggets chain.
5) Dip it in beaten egg, coat with cornstarch, then roll on bread crumbs.
6) Deep fry until golden brown.

It is a plain fish fillet recipe. Enjoy a different flavor by dipping it in a delicious sauce. For spicy fish fillet, add spices of choice on procedure number 3.

blue marlin fish fillet

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