Boiled Halaan and Veggies

I’ve been to market this morning. I bought our regular needs including the ten peso halaan and some veggies. This is my mom’s favorite. It is cheap and still can go as low as five pesos per two cups.  Not only that, halaan clams are surprisingly high in iron, minerals, other nutrients and low in fat. So here is my recipe for halaan:


2 cups halaan
1 cup sweet camote cubes
1 cup himbabao
1 bulb onion, slices
1 finger thumb ginger, slices
1 spoon bagoong isda
2 cups water

Cooking Instructions:

In a casserole, add water, onion and ginger. Boil for five minutes. Add bagoong isda and sweet camote. Boil until tender. Then the halaan and himbabao. Simmer for three minutes. Serve hot.

halaan veggies


One Comment

  • Are these shellfish not tulya, which is different from the lighter-colored, bigger halaan?

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