Boiling The Mangosteen Rind

After savoring all the mangosteen fruits. Mangosteen which I bought from nearby public market. I tried making tea straight from the fresh rind.

I consumed all six fruits all by myself. I tried sharing the rest after finishing one fruit but they simply never liked it. The burst of extreme sweetness was a turn off for them. They would like it better if it tasted sweeter and less sour.  Whatever, the flavor was fine for me. It was a lot better than a sour santol fruit.

mangosteen rindsI browsed the web trying to find any specific instructions on how to prepare mangosteen tea straight from fresh rind. I got tired and only found procedures for commercially prepared tea bags and powders.  I had to do a DIY for myself.

Preparing a cup. Whole rind for a cup might be too much. Half-rind might be too much too. I decided to go with 1/4 rind. Placed the rind in pan. Added two cups water and boiled for 30 minutes.

mangosteen pericarp in two cups waterShort explanation. Mangosteen tips stated that xanthones, the dominant phytochemical, is heat stable and only absorbed by the body in small quantities. Too much might hinder absorption. Thirty minutes boiling time was half of what a reader suggested on “How to Make Mangosteen Tea” article and it is the time when I observed a significant color change. Half of the water evaporated and only resulted to one cup as expected.

fresh mangosteen teaTea time. It was like sipping a hot water with a dark red color. I could not perceived taste of any kind.



  • i like it too, as a tea but i became constipated

  • Thank you for sharing the effect of mangosteen. May God bless us.

  • i try it and it’s so good….

  • Hi there, I did the same way too after eating the sweet fruit i realize instead of buying a tea or capsule why not boil the rind and i don’t have struggle of drinking one because i am use to drink any unwanted taste of any drinks. But i just want to ask if it’s okey to use old rind ( 1week) or even a couple of days? (MADAMO GID NGA SALAMAT) Thanks a lot!

  • i also do same preparation of boiling …. im so amaze that its been almost a month that i didint replace the rids that i used…every time i boiled it again…the water became more and more darker and the tea become a little bit sweeter for me… i did save a lot of rids since i can still have a tea out from it even its been a month of re boiling…may i know if the tea ive got from it is still effective?

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