Bulanglang na Himbabao, Patani and Sitaw

Bulanglang. One of the simplest recipe but I always find it hard to do. Sinigang requires right amount of vinegar or other sour ingredients (sampalok, green mango, santol and kamias) and the taste will be good. Too little souring ingredient may suffice cause it can always be added later. Too much might be inedible.

Sauteed vegetable needs more onions. I always use a minimum of three medium bulb and a long sauteing over a very low heat.  Some folks do a very fast saute over a high flame  and adding only one onion. Not a nice idea for me.

Sinigang and ginisa always work for me but I can barely get a good tasting bulanglang. This requires a right balance of onions, tomato and ginger.

This is my wife’s bulanglang recipe. Hope you like it!


1 cup sitaw, cut about 2 inches long
1 cup himbabao, tough leaves, stalks and flowers removed
1 cup lima beans (patani), pods removed
1 onion, medium, sliced
1 ginger, about the size of thumb, big slices
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced
2 cups water


1) Bring water to boil.
2) Drop all the ingredients and continue boiling for 10 to 15 minutes.
3) Salt maybe added.
4) You may adjust ingredients according to your taste preference. Other vegetables of choice can be added.

The resulting dish has a very mild flavor. Not salty and not sour. I cannot exactly define how it taste but it is really good. I recommend not to add salt. Too much of it will hurt your kidney.

Its now time to eat. She never eats tutong na kanin so I am always in-charge. Its the thing the make me handsome (joke).

bulanglang na himbabao with rice

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