How to Make Natural Calamansi Juice

Every time I catch cold, cough or flu, I rush to market to buy a lot of calamansi and made my very own calamansi juice. I drink juice as part of water therapy.


1. Wash calamansi and drain
2. Cut the upper portion taking care not to cut the seeds. Cut seeds contribute to astringent taste.
3. Manually squeeze or use fruit extractor.
4. Add 1 3/4 part sugar for every part water or adjust to 60ºBrix if a refractometer is on hand.
5. If a clear juice is desired, the so called calamansi nip.  Allow to stand for three days,inside refrigerator, until the fruit pulp have floated. Siphon the nip taking care not to disturb the floated pulp.
6. I prefer not to remove the fruit pulp because fibers aid in digestion. If you love fibers, just skip step 5.
7. Add four cups honey.
8. Transfer into sterile, airtight and dry bottle or plastic container. Refrigerate.
9. To make  it shelf-stable. Pasteurize at 70ºC for 15 minutes before packing.



4 Replies to “How to Make Natural Calamansi Juice”

  1. i have a heavy cough today.. so i search about natural cure for this.. be side of lagunde, because the taste of the lagunde is so yuck.. 😀
    so when i read this.. I’ve been thinking to make this.. because of sugar it taste good.. 😀 and know i’m drinking this… ^_^. this for the info. by the way.. nice site… no require to register to post your comment nice php ^_^… i’m just learning how to make a PHP in my html.. and once again thank’s for this tip and this website and it’s so help full like have cough.. now i’m ready to my concert… ^^ joke..

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