Trying to Make A Calamansi Wine !

Previously, my friend and I worked at our alma mater. Our project was making and market testing of dragon fruit wine. One of our problem was the souring of wine. We did all the sanitation practices to prevent the entry of contaminant acetic acid bacteria. The bacteria strain is responsible for turning of good wine to vinegar. We did all we can but many of the batches still ended up souring. Maybe our best effort was not enough.

Lately, he found a reading material that addition of citric acid to must is not recommended. It can trigger the acidification process – making the wine taste like vinegar.

I guessed that was the culprit. We are adding citric acid to adjust the mixture acidity before fermentation. Tartaric acid use is advised. The same also explains why I never see any wine made of citrus family. Do you see one?

Now, I am going to test the calamansi wine.The main acid component of calamansi is citric acid – souring is expected.

Fermentation takes three to four weeks. Update will be publish after this period.

calamansi fruits in glass


After over one and a half month, I got the two trialsĀ  and poured them carefully into two separate glasses. The trials tasted great. They taste like an expensive and high quality vinegar product. I tried to make wine and not vinegar!

wine in glasses



  • Maybe you should put the citrus in container no in half full but up to the brim. and not place on direct sunlight

  • In contrary, I know a wine product made out of citrus family. Specifically, calamansi wine. I guess the company name was manille and from the Philippines. Maybe there’s an error or lacks a certain process of citrus wine making. If anyone would know how to resolve this problem, please send an email to my account. I am tasked to make a wine having its unique taste so I started to research on calamansi wines. Your help would mean so much to me!

  • what if calamansi is mix with another fruit like papaya for example. will it also taste like vinegar? can i ask for the procedure on how u did the fermentation?

    • Maybe or maybe not. If you want vinegar, use vinegar procedure instead.
      As for how I did it, I adapted the mango wine procedure.

      Please use the site search function to see other things you need

  • can you send to my email the procedure on how you make kalamansi vinegar instead of wine. i just want to try it with camias fruit. thank you very much

    • This link might answer your need []. However, it never crossed my mind trying a calamansi or kamias vinegar because the two commodities are sour by nature.

  • ,,,,,,.,pwede bang gwing alak ang suha?

    • Nope! It belongs to citrus family. All citrus have the acidic substance citric acid. It promotes souring of wines after fermentation.

  • Great explanation. I like to make out the print Martha

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