Trying To Make Carrot Chips

I guessed carrot was not a perfect candidate for chip making. I tried it however due to someone’s request.

I got a medium sized carrot. Washed it to removed adhering dirts. I let the peel intact. It was so thin that outer and inner part have no noticeable texture differences. Sliced it to one to two mm thickness.

sliced carrots

Fried in oil over medium heat with no success. Fried again over very low heat but still failed. Frying changed the color to yellow to light brown and to almost dark brown. It shrunk to less than 1/4 of its original size. It never became crisp till the brown stage. Letting it stay in hot oil further will result to burnt carrots. Chips were very oily. Placing them on strainer and or paper never drained off excess oil.

fried carrot slices

It got an oily disgusting taste.

I prepared another set of sliced carrots. Place in on tray and dried under the sun. It shrunk to less than one fifth of its original size. Adequately dried but not crispy. Oven drying is likely to give the same result.

dried carrots

How about drying then frying. I fried the dried carrots in oil over a low fire. It suddenly became plumb and burnt. Not more than three seconds frying.

burnt carrot slices

Commodity for chip making are corn, potato, cassava, camote (sweet potato) and plantain banana (e.g saba). Those commodity have one thing in common. They are all rich sources of starch. Carrot is a poor starch source and thus make it unfit for chip making.

The 1/4 to 1/5 shrinkage value defied the purpose of food processing, the value adding. The removed volume was too much and not justifiable. Trying to come up with a perfect process is not worth. Other chip commodities do not have noticeable decrease in volume after processing.

Why subject it to various processes? Raw carrot is crispilicious and oil free. It has an enjoyable crunchy soft texture. Slice it thin and put some mayonnaise.

sliced carrot with mayonnaise

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