How to Make Carrot and Lemon Jam

Raw materials:
– Carrots: 2-4 kg
– Lemons: 4-8 fruits of a medium size
– Sugar: 3.5 kg
– Lemon juice: 35 cc (four soupspoonfuls) or 2 more lemons
– Water: enough to cover the carrots
– Pectin: optional
– Preservative: optional ,  I don’t recommend this for health reasons


Materials and equipment
– Aluminium pot with lid.
– Glass jars with screw-band lids. Previously sterilized jars with twist-off lids may be used as an alternative.
– Kitchen utensils: wooden spoons, knives, spoons, wide-mouth funnel, wooden boards and cheese grater.
– Plastic or metal bowls.
– Source of heat.

– Wash the carrots with plenty of water, and use a brush to remove all soil residues from the roots.
– Drain.
– Select the carrots according to their degree of maturity and size.
– Remove the left-over green stalk residues.
– Cut lengthwise in 3-6 mm thick strips Optional: grate the carrots with a cheese grater.
– Cut the strips in half, and cut the strips of the longer roots in quarters.
– Weigh.
– Place the pieces in a pot.
– Wash the lemons.
– Cut them in thin slices.
– Remove the pips.
– Cut the rind in thin strips, without removing the white part.
– Add the strips of rind, the pulp and the juice to the carrots.
– Add enough water to cover the carrots.
– Let the mixture simmer for one-one and a half hours, according to the carrots’ degree of maturity. Stir frequently with a wooden spoon to prevent the product from sticking to the bottom of the pot and burning.
– When the carrot pieces begin to disintegrate and become transparent, and the lemon rind strips are soft, add 1/3 of the total sugar and dissolve rapidly.
– Continue cooking on a medium fire for 10 minutes.
– Add the remaining 2/3 of sugar and dissolve rapidly. Boil on a high fire until the mixture sets while stirring with the wooden spoon.
– Remove from the fire.
– Fill the previously washed and dried jars with the hot jam up to l-1.5 cm from the rim.
– Clean the upper part of the jars.
– Close with screw-band lids.
– Turn the closed jars upside-down to sterilize the lids, until the content cools off.
– Remove all jam residues from the outside of the jars and lids.
– Label each jar, indicating the name of the product, the ingredients and the date on which it was prepared.
– Place a strip of adhesive paper over the lid and jar, so as to check whether the jar was opened previously, before consuming the contents.
– Store in a dry place, free from dust and away from light.
– The product may be preserved for at least 12 months.
– Once the jar is opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator, if possible.

The following physico-chemical properties can be measured for quality assurance purposes. Properties should be uniform every batch. Adjustments can be computed using Pearson’s Square formula. All artificial preservative can be omitted but will cause decrease in product shelf life.

a. sugar content. Sugar concentration can be increased by adding sugar or can be lowered by adding water or pulp.
b. pH. This can be lowered by adding citric acid or can be increased by adding water or pulp.
c. titrable acidity. Same as in (a), just replace sugar with citric acid. Be cautious because citric acid affects both pH and titrable acidity.

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