How to Make Champorado Using Native Chocolate/Tabliya

This recipe is very easy and you can find this written on label of your favorite native chocolate tablea. The best rice suited for this is malagkit or the glutenous rice. However, ordinary polished rice and the healthier brown rice can be turned to a delicious champorado. This is also a great way to use bahaw at tutong, a clean left-over rice in rice cooker.

1. Bring to boil 6 cups water and one cup glutenous rice.
2. Add 4 cacao tablets (68 grams tabliya with sugar or 34 grams or pure baking chocolate) and five heaping tablespoon of sugar. Proportions maybe adjusted according to your taste preference. A healthier muscovado sugar can be used instead.
3. Stir occasionally. Cook until the rice is soft.
4. Serve hot. Add milk if desired.


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