Mango and Chico Wine : Chico Fruit As Wine Starter

Last December, 2010, I received a call from from GMA 7 Pinoy MD team. They requested a wine making demonstration in front of camera. I did as requested and the featured video was aired. Here is the video link of mango wine making for those who missed the episode.

Six months have passed. These are the wines I made during the demonstration. They only requested the mango wine but I also made a chico wine after the taping. Both wines are good but I think mango taste better.

chico and mango wine

Wine can be made by natural fermentation or by a more controlled pasteurization and addition of yeast starter. The latter is the preferred method cause it yields more predictable result.

My former professor and boss told me that chico is a good wine starter. Someone also told her about it. A late worker of a distillery. The fruit should be allowed to over-ripen to the point that it is too soft and exudes sap. Then the chico is added to prepared fruit juice and allowed to ferment. She added that the resulting wine from this method is excellent.

During the demonstration I got a  chance to test the chico’s effectivity. I set aside some juice and added chico as fermentation starter. I also prepared a pure chico juice. No starter was needed for chico wine – the fruit itself was the starter. I kept  them in dry cool place for six months.

The final verdict. Chico is really a good wine starter. In fact the chico fruit itself will ferment on its own. I gonna find time making more wine the next chico fruiting season.

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