Molds Growing On Chili Powder

I wanted my dried chilli powder but couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked again on its usual place. I looked at each bottle closely and carefully. I found it at last. However, its complexion was pale. It was different from the chilli powder I made before, but the seeds were proof that it was really the thing I was looking for.

pale and moldy dried powdered chilli pepper

I opened the spice jar. Placed it near my nose without sniffing. It will surely hurt if some powder accidentally entered my nose. I did not smell any chili aroma. I placed it near my nose again and sniffed. I sensed faint moldy and chili aroma. That’s it, the mold was growing on it and perhaps responsible for pale yellow color and loss or spicy aroma.

I thought chilli pepper is resistant to disorder by nature.

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