Ice Cold Chocolate Drink with Pinipig

Pinipig – also known as pounded young glutenous rice or maybe flatten young glutenous rice is the more appropriate term.

The common household preparation for pinipig is – Mixture of water, young coconut meat, young coconut water, sugar and milk. The mixture is place inside the refrigerator to make it ice cold and to soften the pinipig. The preparation is often serve as merienda / snacks.

She brought home some pinipig that she bought from Magallanes town. She want buko with it – as mentioned above. But, I gonna try something different – Ice cold chocolate drink with pinipig.

1) Boil two pieces pure tabliya (approximately 29 grams) in one liter water for 30 minutes.
2) Add five tablespoons of brown sugar and small can of evaporated milk. More can be added if desired.
3) Remove from heat and cool.
4) Cool inside refrigerator.
5) To serve: Shake well and pour into cup, add at least two tablespoons of pinipig per cup.  Add ice cubes.

ice cold tablea with pinipig

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