Cocoa Balls | The Mortar and Pestle Method

No manual / electric grinder and molder to make cacoa tablets. Stop crying! Mortar and pestle will do its best to get the job done.

1) Prepare the cacoa nibs. See How to Make Native Chocolate Tabliya for procedure.

2) Place the cocoa nibs in a small ordinary frying pan. Roast for about 15 minutes to awaken the cocoa oil. The term “tulog or sleeping” is applied to oil in its solid state, “gising or awake” when in liquid form. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature. Heating will melt it and facilitate the cocao making process later.

freshly roasted cocoa nibs

3) Get the mortar and pestle. The size of this tool will determine how fast you can make cacoa balls. Using a small kitchen type probably takes 15 to 30 minutes per two inches diameter ball. The large lusong – about few minutes only. Use the larger for making hundreds of balls.

4) Measure enough cocoa nibs and place it in. Then pound with all might to a gummy consistency. Longer pounding time will create finer and more liquid cacoa. Nibs can be pounded right away without re-heating. The heat produces by collision is enough to melt the butter – longer pounding time and finer particles.

pound to liquor

pressing in palm two

5) Scoop out the gummy cocoa and press it in palm several times. Roll it in between palms for final touch.

freshly made cocoa balls

This was the old fashioned way of making chocolate before the sophisticated equipment were invented. It usually result to products of inconsistent quality. The carahay roasting and mortar and pestle method of grinding are hard to control.

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