Coconut Macapuno Spread

I think I had never seen makapuno in ages. I felt nostalgic the time we used to fetch every mature coconut from our two short coconut trees. Hoping to get a macapuno or two. It was thank to my mom who gratefully gave us one.

Note: My wife taught is was a regular matured coconut. She asked me to grate it and cook ginatan.

Now it is time to make some macapuno sweet.

white macapuno shreds

Add water in pot equal to volume of macapuno shreds. Example, measure one liter water for every liter of macapuno shreds. Adding sugar crystals directly is not recommended. Dissolving time will take relatively long.

Bring to slow boil. Add desired amount of sugar. It depends upon your senses. It is recommended to add little by little until the wanted taste is reached. Bear in mind it will taste less sweet when macapuno shred is added. Add a little more sugar to account for this change.

I used muscovado sugar for mine.

Drop the macapuno shreds and stir continuously until the shreds become semi transparent and turn to spread-like consistency.

With my fingers crossed, I added few scoops of milk powder and it unexpectedly turn out well.

brownish macapuno spread

Refrigerate to extend keeping life.

Note: Macapuno is abnormality in coconut. A normal nut contains a small embryo, about a half-inch thick and hard meat sticking around shell, and the rest is water, the liquid endosperm. I estimate it is about 80 percent of the whole nut, excluding husk, of course.  In macapuno, the entire nut is filled with tender luscious meat, suitable for making sweets.

Macapuno never occur in every coconut tree.  There are specific varieties, that we call such. In my previous experiences, we get usually two macapuno nut in one bunch. One to  none if unlucky, three otherwise.

Research and laboratory experiment enable the production of tree that produce 100 % abnormal fruit. However, plantation should be established where other coconut never exists. The tree cross pollinate with each other making the pure breed futile.


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