How to Make Coconut Noodles

Bread Flour – 850g
Coco Flour – 150g
Salt – 30g
Whole Egg, well beaten – 1 pc
Kansui – 3
Yellow food color (optional) – Few drops
Water – 320ml


1. Dilute kansui and salt separately with prepared water.
2. Mix very well the bread flour and coco flour in a bowl.
3. Gradually add kansui solution in a stream-like manner.
4. Gradually add salt solution in a stream-like manner.
5. Add water according to desired consistency.
6.Knead on a floured clean and smooth surface until gluten is developed or until very elastic.
7.Divide dough in ten pieces and knead into thin flat sheets.
8.Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut into desired strips.
9. Dust with flour to prevent these from sticking together.

See full version with pictures here.

technology provided by Product Development Department, Philippine Coconut Authority

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