Using Fragrant Coffee Flowers for Coffee Preparations

An old friend shared his experience about adding flavor to roasted beans or ground coffee. The flavor of choice is added while the freshly roasted commodity is cooling. Application temperature should not be too hot as to destroy the additives flavor and should not be too much to render the beans wet. Flavor of choice is sprayed in thin mist while cooling the  beans.

The following ideas may not work for me. I drink three-in-one coffee and black instant coffee. Occasionally try cafe coffee specialties but specially prefer the black brewed. However, I am going to try one of these when the right timing is within reach.

Here it goes…

Months before the harvest of red ripe coffee cherries, those were white fragrant flowers. Some might be surprised to know this fact. I personally compare it to Sampaguita with lower fragrance intensity. The latter is added to some food preparations and I think the first can be added too. Sampaguita tea exist and a coffee flower tea can exist too.

bunch of closed coffee flowers

Imagine having a black coffee with a fragrant aroma of coffee flowers. Why borrow other plant’s aroma if its very own is excellent? Add fresh / air dried coffee flowers to freshly roasted beans. A fresh flower to freshly brewed cup. It adds both aroma and aesthetic.

Again, I have never tried these before but I am going to. Will search for its safety first before the actual test.

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