Can Coffee and Pain Relievers Cure Alcohol Hangover?

The sun is up high in the sky greeting you  a happy morning but you have a hard time waking up and getting out of bed. You feel dizzy and head is achy. It feels like your on a never ending roller coaster ride. Eyes are painted red and the eye soundings are painted with black, red eyes with black eye. Muscles seem not to follow what you want cause they do not have the enough energy to do so.

Going back what happened the night before: Your dearest friend with five of the others got a celebration, it was your birthday. You and your friends were able to take down ten cases of San Miguel beer Grande and one box of Ginebra Gin. The feeling of hangover above is the result of this alcoholic celebration.

As human take alcohol, it strips out moisture from all over the body, from head to toe. Alcohol is diuretic, it promotes the expulsion of body fluids. The liver threat alcohol as toxin, so it will work hard to take it out. The more alcohol taken, the more we pee. This explains why an alcohol addicts can manage to persist a drinking session from morning till overnight and drink again the next day.

Alcohol is diuretic so it causes dehydration. It strips out the body not only water but also nutrients. In drinking session, pulutan or munchies are needed to replenish the body of stripped carbohydrates. The water from the brain are also drained out, this results to head ache, dizziness and lack of mind-body coordination.

The ultimate cure for hangover is not to drink alcoholic beverages at all. On the contrary, some take coffee or pain relievers as cure for their hangovers. Can these two really cure hangover?

Coffee may cure hangover by its masking effects. Remember that it can make you work overtime even if you are already tired. However, coffee is also a diuretic and may lead to further dehydration. The effect may be worst when coffee effect is lost.

empty coffee container

Pain relievers like paracetamol, ibuprofen and planax may also work. Before taking this drug, please be reminded that these never take out the pain and the feeling of dizziness or whatsoever, it only make your body not to feel such disorders. The night before, your liver worked hard to excrete a lot of alcohol. Taking pain relievers is also giving your liver an extra job to do.

Some recommend to drink more water to rehydrate or take organic honey, raw eggs and vegemite.

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