The Purified Water And Coffee Vendo Machines

coffee and water vending machine

I am guessing the vendo machine on image is the same machine featured on television several years ago. The ATM or the automated tubig machine. A machine invented and popularized by a fellow Filipino. Can you please tell me who he was?

water and coffee vending machine

coffee and water vending machine

The one I saw on television works like this. A man wanting to buy water should placed the bottle inside the cabinet. Align the container with the faucet. Close the cabinet door to prevent any contamination. Then insert coins corresponding to the amount of water he needs. Then get the container back after the transaction is complete. Any lacking instruction?

I do not need drinking water at the very moment and I have no water container either. Trying the paid water dispenser is not my option.

Beside the water vending machine is another silent seller that dispense coffee. The name is “teatime” but the image on headboard is suggestive of coffee.

The customer arrived. She inserted coin… A cup came out of the dispenser followed by a hot steaming coffee. Then she walked away while enjoying the hot beverage. How convenient!

I am thinking, a vendo machine serving real fresh brewed coffee would be more exciting. I am very willing to pay the price.



  • sir where can i buy this automated tubig machine? thanks

  • How to avail the purified water and coffee vendo? And how much. I am interested to put up this kind of vendo.

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