Common Food Hygiene Mistakes as Seen on TV

Be careful! These common processing mistakes are enough grounds for your factory closure. Neighbors will report you to proper authorities.

If a certain factory was reported on tv, the following are the probable reasons.

1) Dogs and cats inside processing area. People love their pets so much. They feed them, caress them, sleep with them and accompany them inside processing areas.

2) Rats and cockroaches. These two organisms are sign of dirty work place. These two love dirty floor, fallen food items, dark areas and unorganized environment. A rat in canal is a common scene. They are carriers or microbes and diseases.

dirty floor with a cockroach egg

3) Food items on floor. No food shall be stocked directly on floors. Grains in sacks shall be on wooden / plastic pallets. Liquid and semi-solid in pvc container shall be on pallets too. Many still fail to do this very simple task.

4) Spoiled raw materials. The meat are spoiled before arriving in food processing plant. Due to mishandling, lack of storage facilities or the food is already unfit before slaughter – the case of double dead meat and fish.

5) Repacking of unfit foods. Some are not food manufacturers. They are re-packers instead, re-packer of unfit or reject foods. Remember a biscuit and chocolate re-packer featured on GMA7 Imbestigador? Their products are not fit for human consumption. It should be for animal feeds.

6) Workers with no clothes. The weather is hot. The area lacks adequate ventilation. No electric fans either. Their sweats are running down in haze. Taking off clothes is the cheap and immediate relief.

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