Cooking Egg on A Piece of Paper

One of the Boy Scouts training is cooking with improvised materials. Cooking rice on a fresh piece of large bamboo. Wrapping eggs in a wet newspaper and broiling. Cooking eggs on a piece of paper instead of frying pan.

I personally witnessed the last cooking style but never got a hands on experience. Mom never allowed me to become a Boy Scout.

Cooking eggs on a piece of paper seems impossible. The paper is thin. The heat from flame or ember will burn it. Or, the moisture from egg will sip through making it weak and break afterward. Either of the two will make the egg go to waste.

It is possible with the use of Star Margarine.

This is how it is done.

1) Get a piece of clean paper. Fold the four sides upward to form a paper tray enough to hold a single egg content. Two eggs in on paper tray is not recommended.

paper tray

2) Get a star margarine. Apply a thin coating coating on paper. Paper should be covered completely.

3) Improvise a material to hold the paper tray. It could be a small bamboo or wooden tray similar to a grill. It should have a 12 inches handle. Soak it with water and rinse before use.

4) Prepare a small wood fire.

5) Break egg on paper tray. Place the tray on wooden grill. Then bring it on top of wood fire. The flame should barely touch the tray. Moved the grill continuously from left to right and vice versa to prevent paper from burning.

The eggs should be cooked within 10 to 15 minutes, depending on heat and cook’s expertise. Burning paper is normal for the first timer.

cooked egg on paper tray

The margarine will be absorbed by the paper tray making it water resistant and burn resistant. It will not prevent the egg from sticking to paper. Scrape the cooked egg gently to avoid eating pieces of paper.

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