The Microwave Oven Cooked Egg

I was in a hurry. It was almost 11 am, just one hour before lunch time. I just finished taking a bath and I needed to leave as soon as possible. I wanted to eat lunch before leaving but no viand was available.

There was only cold rice. I was not desperate to eat old rice alone. I hurriedly bought an egg. Broke it open to plate. Placed it inside microwave oven. Set the temperature to medium high and turned the timer to two minutes. I thought microwave oven cooking was way faster than frying it over the lpg flame. Added the fact that I needed to clean the dirty pan first.

white egg on plate


broken egg on plate

While the microwave was dealing with the egg. I heard loud continuous popping sounds. Sounded like a police was chasing a criminal and the said culprit was about to break out of machine door.

After the run and chase stopped, I got the cooked  egg. Wiped the oven walls and door clean. Ate my early lunch  and left.

microwave oven cooked egg


egg particles sticking to oven wall floor

egg particles sticking to oven door

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