Cooking Alikaya

Mom and pop was cooking alikaya for the coming new year. They were currently in middle of cooking session when I noticed. See the glutenous rice nearly absorbed the liquid – it was coconut milk.

currently cooking alikaya

The above mixture was composed of three kilograms glutenous rice and seven matured grated coconuts. Coconut milk was prepared in such a way that total yield will be enough to cook three kilograms of glutenous rice. The tantyahan method expertise.

While pops was busy stirring the mixture continuously  I left and came back after a while. The mixture was reduced to half.

alikaya reduced to half

Where did the other half go? Here it was! The unsweetened alikaya for the health conscious mom.

plain unsweetened alikaya

And the left portion was sweetened with brown sugar. Made for those who want an extra carbs and sweetness. Placed on fresh oiled banana leaves.

placing alikaya on fresh oiled banana leaves

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