First Trial, Boiled Young Corn for Making Cornicks

From the article, “The Old and New Cornick Story“, cornick or corn nuts are prepared by soaking corn for three days, changing water everyday, rinse drying and then frying. It said that water soaking is done to restore the original kernel size that was loss after drying.

There was a hint of the required maturity, matured corns with dry husk at the time of harvest. Matured corns are removed from cobs and dried before selling to market. However, it is not stated that young corns are not fit for making cornicks.

Note: I am referring to young corn for boiling and merienda purposes. Those which are sold on side streets and public markets.

boiled young corn cobFirst trial. Raw young corn was not available at the moment, I used boiled young corn instead. Removed them manually from cobs using bare fingers. Then deep fried in oil over medium heat for about three minutes.

boiled young corn kernelsCorns turned golden brown. Some popped causing the burst of hot oil droplets. Kernels became crunchy but half empty. Eating it was not enjoyable.

fried young cornYoung corn lacks starch and cannot be used for making cornick. I will continue this when other materials became available.

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