Dahon or Da One | Leaf or Solmux?

Unilab is actively promoting its cough medicine, Carbocisteine Solmux. As far as I remembered the company hired popular actors like Aga Muhlach and Vic Sotto as their endorser. They had a funny commercial in which the kid have to choose between gorilla and cough syrup to expel phlegm. Their ad strategy changed a bit when lagundi leaf and its preparations in bottle went on air. It is a smear campaign I think!

At the very start of cough, take Solmux. It expel the source of cough, the pleghm with bacteria. Solmux is the “da one” with bacteria expel action. It can cure cough which cannot be treated with leaves or “dahon”. Do not trust dahon. Leaves might also harbor harmful bacteria.

The ad  message is clear. Dahon refers to Lagundi leaf. It is a herbal medicine approved by the Department of Health, DOH, for cough remedy. Apparently the only natural rival.

lagundi leavesOn the other hand, Ascof Lagundi Leaf Syrup have their own version. Stating that natural preparation is very safe and effective as compared to chemical based formulas. The latter such as tut… tut… can cause dizziness.

Flemex, another natural lagundi leaf preparation offers convenience. Its commercials are never mentioning any negative words. Why boil lagundi leaf if there is Flemex lagundi? Very convenient for the lazy and busy.

Know how to prepare lagundi tea for cough treatment.

boiling lagundi leavesI think there is no real best. Curing cough is not dependent on medicine alone. Other factors such us kind of bacterial infection, antibiotic resistance, severity of symptoms and individual lifestyle have to be considered. Taking cough syrup + drinking alcohol + going to be late and or working 24/7 = useless treatment.

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