Products From Dragon Fruit Flower – Lumpia, Burger Patties, Tea etc..

Dragon fruit is an expensive commodity. Processing good quality fruits to variety of products is not ideal. Why process if you can sell the fruit for high prices already.  Processing is ideal for the two given situation:dragon frut flowers

a) There are lots of fruit rejects such as cracks and bruises. Rejects have lower selling prices so processing will help command higher prices.

b) There are surplus of supplies. Surplus have lower prices so processing is recommended.

Fruit is not the only edible part of the plant. The flowers could be used as meat replacement. I think it would be ideal for vegetarian.

Dr. Teddy Tepora of CvSU has also the idea of using dragon fruit flowers. He is gathering it when it began to droop. Drooping flower is a sign that it is already pollinated and safe to remove. Flowers are then cut, dried and pack in tea bags. Its a dragon fruit flower tea.

Ms. Editha Dacuycuy is processing dragon fruit flowers as meat replacement. Dried dragon fruit flowers are gathered, boiled, chopped and strained. The prepared mass is then used as replacement for variety of meat preparations such as lumpia, longganisa, burger patties and bola bola. I met her once in Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) and I had a chance tasting some of her products. She is also making dragon fruit ice cream, cup cake and cookies.

Ms. Editha Dacuycuy is an owner of about 8 hectare dragon fruit plantation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

Ilocos Province held a Dragon Fruit Festival recently and was feature on GMA 7 Jessica Soho.


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  1. We are happy to note that there are several by products of Dragon Fruit. We have abundant supply of Dragon Fruit in the province of Cagayan and since we have plenty of supply prices are low which discourages farmers and to help this farmers we are looking for trainors on proocessing said fruit to add value to it. Hope you could help us scout for trainors at reasonable prices. Thanks

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