How to Make Dried Oregano Leaves


After three weeks of experiment. I successfully dried oregano leaves. The drying procedure is very useful when you have a bunch of oregano leaves and you want to store it for longer period. It is also useful if you want to venture into dried herb business.

Step by step procedures.

1. Select mature and good quality oregano leaves.

2. Wash in running water to remove all adhering dirt.

3. Place in slotted trays and shake well to remove excess water.

4. Place in front of electric fan to facilitate removal of excess water.

5. Cut the leaves into small pieces. This will facilitate fast water evaporation.

6. Dry at room temperature for 3 weeks. Drying time might take longer during rainy days and in high humid areas

7. Pack in air tight container.

8. Oven drying and sun drying can also be done. However , this will affect its herbal properties.



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