Cooking Eggs Under The Sun


Location: Indang – about 15 minutes away from Tagaytay. Weather condition: hot, partly cloudy sky, mild wind blows, very cloudy in late afternoon.

I thought it would not be as hot as yesterday but I still tried this little crazy experiment, cooking egg under the sun. It was not an original idea. My better half told me about it – a blogger was featured on tv, cooking egg under the heat of sun.

The egg gonna cook in three ways, 1) the direct transfer of heat from sun’s ray to broken egg, 2) transfer of heat from sun’s rays to metal cup then to egg, and 3) transfer of heat from sun’s ray to galvanize iron roof to metal cup and to egg.

margarine egg metal cup

I got a metal cup. Applied a thin margarine coating for easy removal of cooked egg. Crack an egg open and placed it in cup. I refrained from using refrigerated egg. Cold egg surely takes longer to cook. Placed the cup on roof and waited.

egg in metal cup on roof

I placed the metal cup on roof around 11:22 am. I ate lunch. Took a nap. Read some articles. The sky was partially cloudy and giving an intermittent shade. The mild blowing wind was giving a slight cooling effect. The sky got very cloudy at around 2:30 pm. I thought rain gonna fall so I took the egg and stored it in refrigerator.

I failed. This was the result I got after waiting. A liquid egg with a slight superficial coagulation.  The weather was not hot enough but I was still thankful cause I only took bath twice. I took bath yesterday thrice.

egg after placing under heat of sun


The next day, I placed the same egg under the sun. Time started, 10:30 am and ended 3:00 pm. The sky was partially cloudy but not as cloudy as yesterday. Wind bows was less frequent. The rain poured and I had no choice but to stop.  The superficial coagulation got bigger but not good enough as cooked.  The volume became lesser due to evaporation.

egg after placing under sun day two

I was still thankful for not being able to cook egg under the mere heat of sun. Than means the weather condition in our place is still colder than others.

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