Eggcheflan, The Experiment, Part 1

opened eggcheflan

My only aim were to get the liquid out of egg and put it back successfully. I assumed the rest were bonus if went well.

Bill of materials:
1 Terumo syringe, 10 ml, with needle for 12.00 pesos
1 Terumo syringe, 30 ml, without needle for 37.75 pesos
4 eggs, 6 peso each, 24 peso in total
4 scoops powdered milk, it was my kids powdered milk
4 spoons brown sugar, got it from our reserve

I only need one syringe for testing. I also bought the larger in case I am not comfortable using the 10 ml. I have doubt on size of the needle. It should be bigger one but it is not available in Mercury Drug. If I remember it right, big needles are available in veterinary shops. There is no near my place so I need to modify things to make it more suitable.

Friendly reminder: Syringe are sterile and intended for single use. It is in your discretion to reuse it as many times as you like and as long as the rubber piston slides freely.  We used to play with syringes when we were kids. The rubber piston has some sort of lubricants that wears overtime. It is unusable once the lubricant is worn. Syringes are single use anyway, so why worry?

Drilling a hole on egg surface was a no go operation. The needle is pointed but too thin. Imagining a slight slip will cause wound fears me. Drilling with a knife was not good either. It cracks the whole egg. Gentle tapping with knife tip worked.

egg tapped with a hole

The thin needle cannot be used to pull out the liquid. I removed the needle. Trimmed off the syringe needle collar and used it with ease.

pulling out the egg liquid

Mixed the eggs thoroughly with powdered milk and sugar. Put it back to eggshells. Arranged inside the steamer. I placed the remaining mixture in a pan and placed in steamer also.I used blue pvc pipe pieces to keep the eggs hole facing upward.  Fired up the stove to low setting and waited.

eggs ready for steaming

The mixture was oozing out of shell after few minutes. I should have left a small head space to accommodate the expanding liquid.  After a while, all the eggs cracked and the mixture expanded like fried eggs.  What a failure! I should have let the mixture bubbles settle first before filling it.

cracking eggs in steamer

Anyway. The remaining was close to reality. Need revision though!

opened eggcheflan



  • You missed one important thing to do that made your experiment a failure. you should boiled egg shells first for 10 mins. let it cool and then tick inside with even toothpick, if it is clear already before putting all the mixture inside the shells.

    • You mean the first step is soaking the egg in boiling water for 10 minutes? Thanks! I will try it.

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