How To Make Eggcheflan

From the common word egg and lecheflan , the word eggcheflan was derived, and so the product eggcheflan also came to reality. An egg with real leche flan inside.

I have never made one yet but my assumptions is sure very close to reality. The product came wrapped with colored wrapper (yema wrapper, probably). There was a sticker on top of the shell covering a small hole. What is it’s purpose?

The process:

1) Get your fresh eggs. A dozen is enough to compensate the ones your going to break. Get a syringe. The biggest you can get with the biggest needle possible.

2) With the syringe needle. Carefully drill a hole on egg tip. Don’t break it please! How many time do I have to tell? Then carefully draw out all its contents. Transfer to a clean bowl for later use. The egg white and yolk will surely mix together in the process. I couldn’t think of anything that would prevent it. If you want yolk only for your product to be, then get it from another set of eggs. Costly!

3) Prepare the leche flan mixture. I assume you have the procedure already. Please use the SEARCH bar on top if you want one. Thank you!

4) Again, with the help of syringe, fill each empty shell with leche flan mixture. Always place the filled eggs with the hole up. I recommend plastic egg tray for this. Please avoid the paper types. You’re going to know why.

5) Follow the leche flan steaming procedure.

6) Let dry. Cover the hole with sticker. Then wrap with yema wrapper.

The eggcheflan from Miss Entrepreneur.


eggcheflan unwrapped

eggcheflan opened

I was really expecting a delicious lecheflan inside the egg. However, what I saw was not close. The color was close to penoy and the taste and texture resembled an under-cooked yema. Yep, it tasted like soft and sticky yema. The taste was good enough if it’s a yema, not close to reality if I refer to lecheflan.

update as of November 30, 2014. I have been experimenting with this recipe. You can find the first result here [ Eggcheflan, The Experiment, Part 1 ].

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