How to Make Ember Toasted Bread Buns, Inihaw Na Tinapay

I love buying bread buns whenever I go to town plaza. There is a bakery that always sell hot bread. Their prices are a bit higher than competitors but more and more customers are falling in line to buy.  Almost all of their baked are good tasting and selling like hot cakes.  The probability of getting a hot bread is almost 70%.

Pandesal and bread buns are best eaten when newly baked, still warm to touch. Then degradation in flavor components occur overtime. Cold bread might be fulfilling but not as enjoyable as hot. Flavor degradation can be scientific or just a product of our imagination.

We still have some bread buns. She bought too many so we have an excess. It was already three days old but perfectly in good shape.  I want it hot so I gonna make it an ember toasted bread or a smoked bread.

How to make:

1) Prepare enough ember for toasting. Charcoal may be used or you can patiently wait mom until she finished her cooking job. She have a lot of left ember for sure. Sorry for you if she is using lpg instead!

2) Low to medium heat is enough. Too high will char the bread in few seconds. Broiling time should last for at least two minutes each turn.

roasting buns

3) Place the bread over the grill. Let stand until slightly charred. Turn the bread and do the same. Do not overdo or it will taste very bitter. Even your dogs and cats will never eat those.

4) Put the bread out of fire using kitchen forceps.

5) Eat it plain or fill with veggies. The only vegetable left in our refrigerator is tomato.

The tomato and toasted bun combination is awesome. It could be more delicious and healthy if added with other veggies.

roasted buns with tomato slices

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