One Stevia Sachet to Sweeten a Mug of Energen

It was my second time using the Green Stevia sachet. I bought four packs as far as I remember. The first one was used to sweeten an instant cup of coffee. The coffee became slightly sweet with a bite of medicinal taste. The instant coffee bitterness counteracted the sweet taste and the stevia’s native medicinal taste manifested in final flavor.

Then the second sachet was used to sweeten a mug of hot Energen drink. The drink without any additional sugar is slightly sweet, milky and with other unidentified complex flavors. Adding the one gram Green Stevia powder made it more sweet. If the scale basis is one to five, then I can say the sweetness has increased by one step. No trace of medicinal taste detected, thanks to energen’s slightly complex makeup.

energen and stevia a hot energen stevia drink

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