Enseladang Manga

She is never fond of eating green mangoes and is very choosy when it comes to yellows. She is making sure every yellow mango she opens is real sweet with no shadow of sourness, else, the unlucky slice will go straight to my plate.

This recipe is different. She never minds if the mango is sour tasting. She is eating it even if the taste of raw onions is  unpleasant. The recipe works like an appetizer, making her and me eat more than we could.


Green mango, chopped or slices, any variety that suit your taste will do.
Crispy ripe tomatoes, slices, seeds removed.
Onion, slices, make it smaller according to your preference.
Soy Sauce


Mix mango, tomatoes and onions. Savor with soy sauce. The serve.

a mixture of indian mango onion tomato and soy sauce

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