Tuyong Lawlaw and Tomatoes For Araw-Araw Na Talong (Everyday Egglant)

My sweetie and her office mates had an overnight team building activity at Lemery, Batangas.The bad consequence of this – I took care of our toddler the whole day and the whole night. The night should be intended solely for my blogging activities (ggrrrrrr!!!). The good consequence – She brought home a different eggplant variety.

Most eggplants we eat are long and color red. This is shorter, have a bigger round tip and thinner part near the stalk. The shape is a little similar to elongated incandescent bulb. The color is a mixture of green and white rather than pure violet. Green near the stalk and whiter near the tip.

I tried searching over the www dots to know its specific name. I saw a similar eggplant picture on Stuart Exchange but it did not mention the specie.

araw araw na talong eggplant

You might be wondering regarding the title, “Everyday Eggplant”. The literal meaning could be eating eggplant everyday. Ouch! even the worms in my tummy would refuse to eat it everyday. Farmers at Lemery, Batangas is calling it as araw-araw na talong because they harvest it everyday. An eggplant right for harvest today might be over matured tomorrow.

How we prepared the dish:

Talong was sliced lengthwise, about one centimeter thick per slice. Then deep fried for five minutes. Eggplant can be broil over ember or lpg gas stove as alternative. Tuyong lawlaw was then fried after. A crunchy ripe red tomatoes were chopped.  These three are really good combination.

This araw-araw na talong is not different from the common violet variety in terms of flavor properties. I think its not boring to eat everyday.

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