The Fermented Balimbing Prunes Mini

This was an extra result of my Balimbing Fruit Enzyme Experiment. The Fermented Balimbing Prunes Mini.

The following occur during natural fermentation of sugar and fruit mixture. The fruit slices decrease in size as a result of sugar extracting off the water molecules. The sugar crystals became liquid as a result of merger with fruit water. The fruit natural flora ferments the sugar into alcohol. The fruit component become mashy or completely separated to fibers. A unique set of flavors develop.

The same thing happened to my balimbing fruit enzyme exept for one thing. The fruit shriveled, became smaller, became chewy and sweet.

undried fermened balimbing prunes miniI dried it under the heat of sun for eight hours. Here it is, the Fermented Balimbing Prunes Mini.

fermented balimbing prunes miniI left it on table overnight. No ants are coming near. Maybe they are driven away by alcohol smell.

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