Food Manufacturing Startup Tips

The following are some food processing lessons that I learned through experiences. They are indeed written in books and thought in class. However, they will only sink in deep once encountered in real life experience. You may not learn anything even after reading it forever. I recommend grabbing your kitchen devices and do some hardcore food processing.

Food processing is such an easy venture to start with but could be very hard to maintain. Packaging, labels, building and series of permits cost more than what you might think. Financial support really essential as production increased. Think ahead where to get it.

If you want to be a manufacturer, then focus on being a manufacturer. Establish good relationship with wholesalers and let them do the distributions. You are too busy making foodstuffs.

Exhibitions are place to promote products and meet potential suppliers and distributors. Don’t be upset if you don’t make huge sales through its duration. Benefits will come later.

Large companies usually focus on building brands through large scale advertising. This create a hypnotic effect in which the not so good products taste better than yours even if its otherwise. I say, focus on your product quality and let taste do the talking. It will reach the masses slowly but surely.

Opportunity knocks only once. Be ready when it comes. Have the guts to grab it fast, even if you are unsure. Think about the hard work later. Opportunity is loss forever once you let it go.

Before hiring any personnel for help. Think first of ways how to do it the easier and faster way. If you feel it is hard, then it might be harder for the others, quality control will be hard do.

Knowing your production capacity is important. Potential buyers usually ask for it. If he never said another word after, then perhaps, you can never meet his expectations. A back-up plan should always be in hand to capture this opportunities.

I have only made few products so far. So I don’t know from which criteria to start with. Start with the commodity you like or the one with a great demand.

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