Food Ventures For The Riches

Making food items is one of the easiest business to start. It requires very little capital and very profitable. Produce ice candy and sell it to neighbors. Clean the garage and roast some hot dogs, dugo, isaw and adidas. Cook pansit, spaghetti, puto, kutsinta and do a door-to-door selling. Collect kaong or coconut sap, make vinegar and join exhibits. Delectable foods, good selling techniques and hard work will surely lead to success.

Do food processing now! Almost any kind of food ventures can be started small except for the following.

1) Coffee, milk, tea and fruit powder. The liquid versions of this product are passed through a very fine sprinkler. Then hot air is applied to mist to get the solid powdered form. Stating the process is easy but actual production is hard. It needs a special equipment called spray drier. An equipment from cost 5000 to 1.5m $ US.

The cost of fresh cow’s milk is also a limiting factor. Philippines is not a home for milking cows. Milking goat industry exists but the volume of production is yet too low.

The almost popular ginger powder is different. A handful of sugar is added with ginger extract. Then heated to evaporate water and made the sugar crystal again. The more appropriate name for this is ginger-flavored sugar.

2) Cocoa powder and Chocolate. The first constraint is the cost of cocoa press, about 4,000 to 5000 $ US. Cacao beans are roasted, ground, treated and pressed to expel the butter. The remaining solid is ground again to produce the popular cocoa powder.

The extracted butter is added to another batch of cocoa liquor for chocolate production. Another costly part is the process known as “conching”. It is a very important step and determines the final flavor.  During conching, the liquor pass through the rollers repeatedly for about 78 hours to more than a  week. It consumes a heck of electricity.

Chocolate production requires a special kind of grinder. Our local metal burr and high speed grinder is never suited. High rotation speed produces too much heat which affect delicate flavors.

Mere chocolate molding is just a final step in chocolate production. Chocolate bars and equipment can be bought from Chocolate Lovers and Chocolate Magic.

4) Beverages in easy open can. The cost of can. A single empty can is very affordable but the minimum order is over million pieces. For carbonated beverages – the cost of machine for carbonation and immediate sealing. Every aluminum can is single use and cannot be resealed.

5) Carbonated beverages in crowned bottle. The cost of ordering own bottle design with label. You gonna spend fortune for mold and order volume. Every soft drink manufacturer have their own design and the label is permanent. The cost of machine for carbonation and immediate sealing. Use of other’s bottle is  a no no. The owner will sue you for product imitation or falsification.

In case of PET bottle. PET for carbonated products is much thicker and stronger than regular water pet bottle. I have never seen any company selling ready made PET for soft drink. You have to order your own mold and purchase the minimum volume. Acquisition cost is much lower than glass but still worth a fortune. Also the cost of carbonation and sealing machine.

6) MAP product. E.g. blow-up laminated foils of potato chips. MAP stands for modified atmosphere packaging, The oxygen are replaced with carbon dioxide or nitrogen to prevent oxidation and extend shelf life. The minimum cost of map packaging line in is 30,000 $ US.

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