Freezing to Salvage Leftover Rice

Morning time, we cooked enough rice for break fast and lunch. And there was a great probability that there would be some left for dinner.

We forgot that it was our cousin’s wedding. We ate lunch at wedding venue. We also ate afternoon merienda there. We barely touched our rice at home.

The next morning, the wedding celebrant gave us leftover rice. It was twice the amount we need for the whole day. We ended up having cooked rice for three whole days. The rice we cooked during the wedding day and the rice they gave us. Ohhhh.. that was two many!

Why they had no leftover meat dishes?

In order to save all the cooked rice, we froze it. Then we gathered just enough every meal time and reheated it. Some are recooked as yummy fried rice.

While we had so many cooked rice by accident, others are intentionally doing it. This was my sister’s story. The wife of her boss is cooking rice during weekend. Enough rice for the next whole week. She is packing it in a single serve cellophane and freeze it. Every meal time, enough frozen rice are gathered and reheated in microwave oven. She is doing this because she is a working mom. She has very little time doing house hold choirs during weekdays.

Freezing rice is a very nice idea. Hope brownout will never occur!

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