How to Make Coco Jam

coconut meat

grated coconut
brown sugar
glucose (corn syrup)

coconut meat

expeller or press
stainless steel cooking vessel
stainless steel spoon or ladle

sterilized glass jars with new PVC caps

1. Extract coconut milk. Add lukewarm water to shredded coconut. Mash it well and extract the milk by pressing a handful between palms. Repeat twice.
2. Boil extracts slowly until soft curds and oily streaks appear on top of the boiling milk.
3. Add brown sugar (2 parts: 5 parts boiled milk) and boil for another 20 minutes.
4. Pour in glucose (½ the amount of sugar used) and continue boiling until done over low fire, stirring frequently to prevent burning. End point is reached when a drop of the cooked materials in cold water forms a soft ball.
5. Cool and pour in sterilized containers and seal completely. Cool and label.

Technology courtesy of DOST Tekno Pangkabuhayan.



  • nag try po akong gumawa ng cocojam using gata at brown sugar kaso hnd nag last, mga 2weeks lng nagkaron na ng amag/molds. meron po bang ginagamit para hnd amagin??? bkt po ung mga s supermarkets years bago maexpire??? thanks po!

  • 1:1 panutsa at sugar po ang ginamit ko, bakit po magaspang parang hindi natunaw yung sugar? sa una po ok pino pero after 2-3 days magaspang n.

    • mukhang hindi nga natunaw sugar mo… Gawin mo munang arnibal ung panutsa bago mo ihalo sa gata…

  • Anong pwede isubtitute sa corn syrup f wala nito.

    • try glucose syrup, any other syrup u can find on shelf or rather make your own syrup with sari-sari store bought sugar…

  • yung coconut milk.po ba dpat my tubig o wala…ung unang gata.lng po b o kasama ung pangalawang gata

    • the less water you add during milk extraction, the lesser the boiling time will be. It is good if you have a way to expel the milk using mechanical press.

  • What is the preservative that can be use in coco jam so it will last long…

    • the sugar is enough

  • i tried this recipe kaya lang parng di rin na lusaw ang sugar kaya magaspang pa rin di tulad ng nabibili sa supermarket. paano po ba daat gawin para maging pino ung coco jam.
    thnak you

    • these are the possible reasons:

      the temperature is set too high
      the jam is heated for too long
      too much sugar is added

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