How to Make Natural Balimbing Juice


There’s two balimbing trees near our office. The fruits smells good but the taste is a little bit sour. No one is interested in these fruits . It end up falling to grounds, rotting , becomes fruit flies breeding ground and eventually soil fertilizer. Not bad.

I think this can be a good source of natural vitamins and minerals. What I did? . I picked some and make juice out of it.


Here’s the procedures

1. Select good quality fruits. Fruits with damage taste bad.
2. Extract using cheese cloth or mechanical juice extractor.
3. If refractometer is available, adjust sugar to 11 degree brix. Otherwise, adjust sugar until the sweetness compares to ripe grapes.
4. If you want a shelf stable balimbing juice. Pasteurise at 75 degree brix for 15 minutes . Pack immediately in sterilized bottle and seal.

Now , you can enjoy natural balimbing juice with all its natural benefits. I bet this is better than artificial. It is claimed that the fruit reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics; the fruit used as a diuretic in Chinese medicine.



  • thank very much to the people behind this website. now i can make coconut sugar and balimbing juice for my mother with illness. Blessing come to you

    • @Mark Anthony Mercado, thanks! God bless !

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