Where to Get Food Technologies?


1) From very own experimentation and experience. Fire up the brain and conduct unlimited trials – try and try until succeeded . Many popular inventions are discovered accidentally such as penicillin, pacemaker, plastic, microwave oven, superglue, potato chips, brandy, champagne, popsicle, ice cream cone. Through hard work and perseverance, you might get what you wanted or discover somethings else that can change how the world spins.

2) Technologies are there, patiently waiting to be read and applied to reality. Buy books, magazines and pamphlets. Collect the latter for free by visiting exhibits, trade fairs and government institutions.  Read, read and read patiently. Do not threat it as instant noodles.

3) The internet. Apparently the largest and easiest to access library. Available anytime and almost everywhere. Enter desired keywords and read related articles. Search engines are very powerful in delivering all public data around the world. It also gives the option see documents in specific areas within specified time frames. Filter out old and outdated articles.

4) Friends. Many are willing to share excellent ideas because they are your friends. Treating them as resources may not be bad.

5) Institution. Go to nearest college or university and ask for help. Some agencies offer a complete technology package for a fee. It includes the whole technology and guidance to its implementation. It is good if budget permits and never want a bother with the above mentioned hassles.

Technologies are like broken puzzle. Gather the pieces from several sources then fuse it to one. Paid institutions are doing the gathering and fusing for you.

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