How To Make Ginataang Ube and Sago

See the image below. She mistakenly called it an ice cream. Do you think it is an ice cream?

ginataang ube at sago

The answer is no! It is not an ice cream. Mom cooked it yesterday. Her real purpose was cooking palarusdos or ginataang bilo bilo. The amount of glutenous rice she bought was not enough and she prepared too much purple yam cubes.

The resulting sweet stuff is ginataang ube and sago (purple yam and sago cooked in coconut milk). Do you see any glutenous rice cubes?

Here are the ingredients:

coconut milk
purple yam
glutenous rice

Mom cannot remember the exact measure of ingredients. Just make sure that ube cubes and sago will dominate 1 part balls to 3 parts yam cubes. Sorry for the inconvenience!  I will try to make my own version next time and post the exact measurements.

Procedure: Steps are similar to ginataang bilo bilo recipe.

1) Prepare coconut milk by adding lukewarm water to grated coconut. mashed it thoroughly with hands and strain the liquid. Repeat this procedure twice.

2) Add enough water to glutenous rice to form a dough, then form it small balls, about the size of a marble.

3) Mix coconut milk and sugar with enough water let boil for a while.

4) Add sago to boiling water and boil further for few minutes.

5) Add glutenous rice balls and continue boiling until the sago start floating.

6) Add purple yam cubes. Continue boiling until the cubes are tender and the soup is slightly tacky.

I really like this version of bilo bilo! Eating more purple yam and less rice balls is very enjoyable.

Note: Inspect every purple yam cubes before cooking. Remove those with insect infestation, holes and discoloration. Those defects are called tanga – it will make you sweet snack awful.

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