How to Make Ginger Powder and Instant Ginger Tea (Salabat)

Ginger has many health benefits. We usually consume it as tea or as spice and flavor. Some people consume it as is. They chew it like a candy!

Ginger health benefits
remedy for cold and flu
remedy for upset stomach and aids in digestion
improves blood flow
kill many intestinal parasites
can improve voice
stimulate respiratory and nervous system
cures morning sickness in pregnant women
breath freshener
relieves dizziness and motion sickness
help lower cholesterol
ease menstrual cramps

During peak season, preserve some ginger for later use.
It can be preserved by drying or processing into instant ginger tea and powder.


Make Ginger Powder

1. Select good quality ginger and wash to remove soils and other foreign objects.
2. Cut into thin slices. Spread evenly in trays.
3. Dry under the sun or in oven under moderate heat or 70ºC.
4. If desired. Pulverize using blender or grinder.
5. Pack and seal tightly.

Make Instant Ginger Tea

1. Select good quality ginger and wash to remove soils and other foreign objects.
2. Cut into thin slices. Blend using waring blender or grind.
3. Extract the juice using cheesecloth. You may skip step two and use heavy duty juice extractor.
4. Add one cup sugar to every cup of ginger extract. The type of sugar to use depends on your preference except artificial sweetener.
5. Boil vigorously in high fire with continuous stirring to avoid scorching.
6. Switch to low fire when the solution thickens.
7. Start to test for the end point. Get small sample with a spoon and cool immediately. If the sample become hard and can be pulverized, the instant ginger tea is ready.
8. Keep on testing every 5 to 10 minutes. Overcooking will cause the sugar to caramelize and ruin product.
9. Pack in clean jar and seal tightly.

For those sugar haters. Dried ginger powder can also be use as tea but it needs brewing, brew it like coffee.

Do you have other ways on how to preserve ginger? Share it here!

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Jump in if wants the procedures on how to make ginger candy.

48 Replies to “How to Make Ginger Powder and Instant Ginger Tea (Salabat)”

  1. Very informative, however if there would be a training on ginger processing it would be very clear and beneficial

  2. Can i preserve the ginger powder mixed with sugar (not using process how to make instant ginger tea) in an airtight bottle? How long will it last?

  3. I try making instant salabat powder but unfortunately it end up into caramel , I try again but the same thing it was no successful to be in powder form, how would I know that it is being over cooked

    1. Buy a candy thermometer. It is ready when the temperature reaches 115C. Remove from heat and continue stirring. Alternatively, when the solution starts to thicken, get a small sample ever five minutes and let it cool quickly.


  4. Make pickled ginger.

    this is the pickling solution:
    1 cup sukang sasa or tubo or niyog or apple cider
    1 heaping Tbsp salt
    6-8 Tbsp sugar

    optional: add slices of garlic and red onion (sibuyas tagalog is best)-

    1. you may use the pickling solution for any atchara: native- pinag-halong nilagang talong, ampalaya, body ng kangkong, okra, sitaw.

      or fresh papaya or sayote or labanos – (cut the salt in half pag heto ang ginamit, and use half vinegar & half pineapple juice for the pickling solution).

      papaya should be grated
      sayote any cut will do- (from parang tooth pick, to parang french fries, manipis na palapad or simple grated etc..) sprinkle 2 Tbsp salt for every kilo material.. let stand for about 2 hours then DRAIN DO NOT WASH WITH WATER. mix spices and additional veggies like carrots & bell pepper, raisins and pineapple tidbits if desired.

      put in jar- pour pickling solution and serve after 24-48 hours.

    1. sift out the large particles. Pass it through coffee grinder ( like the one used in bars ). Then sift out the large particles again. Repeat until all big chunks are gone.

      customer usually never pay attention to particle size differences. Take muscovado sugar for example. People would think it is fake if the numerous hard chunks are not present.

  5. About honey with instant Ginger drink. Gold kili us honey not sugar. I think honey will not be the same added like sugar. Please check Gold Kili instant honey with Ginger drink.

    1. I cannot tell exact value, but, the at least one year assumption is safe. It may decrease or increase depending on how airtight it is, product moisture content and other ingredients added.

      You can do actual shelf life test by storing a retention sample every production batch.

      Switch to opaque packaging to further lenghten shelf life. Light is also a great factor in effect.

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  7. I want to start my own processing unit for processing dry ginger from ginger. but i don’t no any information relates to that like as cost of unit, market strategies for dray ginger so please help me that you possible. i m leave in India Sangli district.

  8. Thank you for posting this. It is very informative. I have one question. Is the way to dry ginger and make it into powder applicable for ginseng too? I am interested to do the same thing to ginseng, as it is also one of the “super” herb. Thanks.

  9. Sir please help me how to make genger business give me information i have land i want to plant genger. Im from Philippines .thanks a lot

  10. Hi there to all, the contents existing at this site are in fact amazing for people knowledge,
    well, keep up the good work fellows.

  11. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I do believe
    that you should publish more on this issue,
    it may not be a taboo matter but generally people don’t speak about these subjects. To the next! Best wishes!!

  12. Ginger produces a hot, fragrant kitchen spice.[5] Young ginger rhizomes are juicy and fleshy with a very mild taste. They are often pickled in vinegar or sherry as a snack or just cooked as an ingredient in many dishes. They can also be steeped in boiling water to make ginger tea, to which honey is often added; sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added. Ginger can also be made into candy, or ginger wine which has been made commercially since 1740.:

    Keep it up

  13. Thanks for the info above i want to start a bussiness concerned with ginger powder want to get video clips to view the process

  14. everyone seems to b talking abt the process but can someone plz tell me how long will it take to dry the ginger in the oven at 70deg centigrade?

    1. I am sorry, I cannot give you exact answer. There are other things affecting the speed of drying beside temperature.

      1) particle size. finely ground ginger will dry faster than course ground, chopped and whole ginger.
      2) presentation. the thinner spread on trays, the faster the drying time will be
      3) air flow in and out the oven. air carries moisture. more efficient air flow = faster drying time.
      4) oven load. oven will have a hard time drying too many ginger at a time. varying the load each time will also vary the drying times.

      Set the above parameters first then dry it down to customer’s specification. e.g. 6% moisture content.

      hope it helps!

  15. Hi, I made this last night and was really happy with the result. Had to work very quickly though as once it starts to powder as it set like cement! Thankyou for posting this recipe.

  16. How best to make tea with the ginger powder? If you soak it in boiling water in an infuser will that work? Or will the heat destroy some of the properties? Thanks for your input…

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  18. DEAR SIR,


    1. You mean ginger powder! The process flow is very simple as written in article. The equipment you need are slicer,dryer and grinder. The equipment size depend on the volume of production you desire.

    2. Dear Rajesh Jee,
      This is Mr. Aryal from Nepal. I have already started such business in Nepal. The components are thats all what Mr. Marvin said to you. but if you need higher quality ginger powder you have to peel out the ginger for that feeling machine also needed. In ours there is good production of ginger soo we can make a partnership as well for the sector development there by sharing our ideas and market situation.

      Prakash Aryal

  19. Dear Sir/Madam

    I want to know how to make natural ginger granule to be added to tea leaves.Your advise will be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards

    1. @Hirantha – In that case, you need to slice the ginger as thin as possible. The thinner, the better. Dry it under the sun, in oven (not more than 70 degree centigrade) or just air drying at room temperature. Less temperature treatment is recommended to avoid destruction of potent substances. Then grind after drying. You may also refer to basic principles of dehydration here. Hope it help!

  20. Good evening.Would you be so kind letting me know how to consume ginger extract?I have a juice extractor and got the root juice.It is very strong.What is the amount I should consume?Is this the correct form to use it?Is it good for the immune system? Thank you for your time an valuable help.Please answer my request.

    1. Extracted juice without application of heat is the best. Heat might destroy some potent properties. Pure ginger extract is really strong, diluting in water and adding sugar ca be done. It is also good for the immune system.

    1. @Drew honey cannot be added. Like corn syrup, honey also prevent crystallization of sugar. You gonna end up in a hard ginger candy.

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