Ang Inihaw Na Mais / Grilled Corn

Our lpg tank run empty. Too bad cause I wasn’t able to cook rice milk for my toddler. I was also too lazy to buy a replacement tank. I was not feeling well. My head was achy and felt too heavy. I could felt the pain of my muscle joints. I went to mother’s dirty kitchen and prepared some wood fire. I really needed to prepare rice milk or my toddler has nothing to drink.

After almost 40 minutes, the rice milk was ready. Cooking took that long using wood fire. It would be as short as five minutes using the lpg gas stove. Hmm…. I should be thanking instead of complaining.

There were some burning wood left. The next thing to do was to pour some water over it, water just enough to set the fire off. I never did it, I got four pieces of young corn instead. I roasted it over the glowing ember for 30 minutes. The resulting corn color was golden yellow to burnt black.

inihaw na mais

Broiled corn really taste good. Grilling imparts smoke flavor. However, it is tougher than boiled corn. Broiling tend to make some moisture escaped making the corn a little harder to bite.

I wonder why no one is selling roasted corn. They are all selling boiled corn. Trying the grilled corn would make a difference.

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  1. Am from Africa and this is like merienda in the evening.But I can see you burnt your’s.Anyway there are some vendors in Urdaneta city Pangasinan that sell the roasted maize/corn

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