How to Guard a Top Secret Recipe

The demand is rising exponentially. Already working 18 hours a day and yet the growing number of customers are still more than what you can shoulder. Thinking to get some workers to help you out but too hesitant. Afraid that someone might copy the top secret recipe.

If something is selling like hot cakes. Then, somebody will sell the same in no time. The most promising employee might be a spy or he might resign and build his own company. Copy cats are often powerful enough to eat the original.

Go on, hire staffs but try to keep the secret from spilling. Here are some suggestions.

1) Hire only family members and relatives. Get your better half to help you and your children during their free time. Then uncles, aunties and cousins. Spilling secrets is still possible but less likely to happen.

2) Share the blessings. Treat all staffs as partners, not as workers. Give them more than what they deserve. Get a lesser income in exchange for a long lasting relationship.

3) Use codes. Name the ingredients as A, B, C, D and so on. Then staffs in the preparation area are not going to know the exact recipe. Premixing two or more ingredients will reinforce this process.

4) Divide the process and set restrictions. A full pledge food processing plant is divided to specific areas such as receiving, preparation, cooking, packing and warehouse/dispatch. Assign personnels to specific areas and never allow anyone cross. E.g. A receiving personnel should never go to packing room etc… Set penalty to violators.

5) The no-transfer contract. State in contract: Anyone shall not reveal delicate company information to others. Anyone who leaves shall not create the same or closely related venture or apply to competitors.

Remember to reveal it to chosen few. To the most trusted. To persons who will inherit and continue the food venture.

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