How to Make Coffee Jelly Dessert


1 sachet Mr. Gulaman (unflavored white)
6 cups water
5 teaspoons instant coffee
sugar to taste
1 can condensed milk
1 pack all purpose cream

Cooking Instructions:

In a casserole, put water then dissolved Mr. Gulaman, coffee and sugar. Turn on the heat. Stir continuously until boiling. Pour into molder or container and wait until cold. A shallow tray is preferable. It allows faster cooling and ease of slicing.

Slice coffee gulaman to cubes. In a bowl, mix coffee gulaman, condensed milk and all purpose cream. Serve chilled.

coffee jelly dessert

A brewed version maybe made by using the same six cups of water to prepare coffee with filter drip, percolator or espresso machine. I always prefer the last choice whenever possible.

It looks like black gulaman so we might call it as black coffee gulaman. Don’t confused it with black gulaman which is made from grass jelly, the Mesona chinensis. It belongs to mint family and is originally found in Hongkong, Macau, Vietnam and Southeast Asia (thanks to wiki…). I am not sure if it is available here in Philippines. Somebody please tell me!


Instant coffee is the same as brewed coffee. Not identically the same but almost. Their difference. Instant coffee is different in the sense that it undergoes another process. It is either freeze drying or spray drying. The first is expensive but retains more flavors. The process is brewing, freezing of brewed liquid and heating in vacuum environment (sublimation). Spray drying, as its names implies sprays the brewed coffee into fine mist against hot air. The moisture is evaporated rapidly and the coffee is in powder form upon reaching the silo’s bottom.

Brewed coffee is not the same as 3-in-1 coffee. The latter is injected with various artificial flavors.

According to, instant coffee is high in acrylamide. A chemical compound that is known to cause cancer in animals. Afraid already? If you never want it due to this chemical, then, you might want to get away from naturally brewed coffee as well. Heat causes formation of acrylamide. Whichever preparation you choose, it still went thru a heating process.

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