How To Make Avocado Leaf Tea

Thanks to my uncle! I got a chance to get some avocado leaves for my little experiment. I wanted to make a tea from avocado leaves about five months ago. The nearest avocado tree is just few meters away but is within enclosed pens.  Uncle have the gate key.  I got some leaves while he was getting a banana blossom.

The leaves I got were 24 grams. I washed it under running water. Placed it in stainless pot with two cups of water. I put a spoon over the leaves to prevent it from rising on top. Then I brought it to boil for five minutes.

Avocado leaves are used as tea substitute. The color of resulting avocado leaf tea is very similar to regular tea. The difference cannot be identified easily by appearance. The taste is bland and grassy, too far from the taste of a real tea. The flavor became more acceptable when mix with some sugar.

avocado leaf tea

What are the objectives of making avocado tea?

1) A stomachic, emmenagogue.

2) A remedy fro arthritis and tumors.

3) A tea preparation is a tonic.

4) A cough cure.

5) A cure for herpes virus (cold sores and genital herpes).

6) Resolve liver dysfunction.

7) Help lower uric acid level or cure gouty arthritis

Please do not grabbed avocado leaves and use it as much as you want. Results of studies showed that leaves including bark, fruit skin and seeds are toxic to animals like birds, rabbits, horses, goats and cattle.  It should not be consumed by pregnant women, it could result to miscarriage.

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  1. What is the exact quantity of Avacado Leaves, one should use for a tea as we don’t know d exact grammage of each leave as to ascertain d actual leave quantity a tea without having toxic problem?

    Should one leave d avacado leaves tea to get cold before drinking?

    For how long should one leave it?

    Is a boiled avacado leaves tea a one time use?

    Can one prepare Avacado Pear Leaves tea that can be used for some days?

    Can Avacado leaves tea be refrigerated? for how long?

    Can Avacado leaf tea cure impotence?

    Can it cure Watering Sperm?

    Can it cure weak erection?

    I await good answer to d above questions.

    Thanks and May God guide u d more.

    Anason Ahmed

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